The Xtended Don

Donell Tolliver, also known as The Xtended Don graced Earth with his presence. This talented, hardworking entrepreneur and musician grew up on the south side of Houston, Texas. When he was a little boy, he lived in a small country town named Kilgore, “A while after living in Kilgore he moved to stay with his grandmother, Mary in Louisiana. Xtended stayed a truly short amount of time there before making his way back to Houston. Even though he had moved he still made visiting his loving grandmother a priority.

Around 1997, Xtended Don became part of a music family on an independent label. This is where he made his first appearance as an artist. The album in which he was featured on called, “Confession”, by a well-respected underground rap group. In addition to being featured on the album Xtended also contributed a solo song as well as writing half of the songs for “Don’t Hustle Don’t Eat”; also, a 20-2-Life production. In the year 2000 he decided to venture out and release his first solo debut album entitled, “Keeping it Rowdy-N-Cloudy”. His album received consistent play on local radios stations 97.9 The Box. From that day forward he began doing radio interviews with stations in such states, as Atlanta, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. At Texas Freak Nic in 2001, Xtended performed with R&B superstar Ray J. He was determined as ever to make people listen and tune into the name “The Xtended Don”.

He worked with several producers and artist within the underground hip hop world. In addition, he worked with Sedec Jean recording songs in Newark, New Jersey, where the Fugees worked. After being shipped around from different independent labels, he finally decided to emerge as a CEO. He started his own label called, “Xtended Records.” When he created his label, he not only created a business, but strategically created a hip-hop family with Harry Robinson that was well respected and successful. Currently he is completing the end of his self-produced album entitled, “When the World Cry.” Where he has now redirected his talent to Strawesome Records. He is most inspired by one of the Houston legends, Scarface, along with Nas and Jadakiss.

With everything that has gone on in his lifetime he refuses to lose focus on becoming successful in the hip hop industry. He holds onto the belief that the music industry plays a strong part in his destiny. Throughout his years Xtended learned not only to face his challenges but challenge them back. He knew deep down in his heart the burning desire to succeed, would crush anything that stood in his way, even failure…