Kwanu Umanu

Kwanu Umanu AKA Tony Bell was born in Atlantic City New Jersey. He is primarily a bass player. He also plays drums, congas and kalimba. Growing up, his musical influences were Sergio Mendez (Brazil 66) Earth, Wind & Fire and Bob Marley. He is a Reggae musician with a gospel message. His music has an awesome Reggae feel with American flavor. A strong message to search within for the answers to life’s challenges.

Kwanu Umanu also brings a message of love for oneself and others. His current project echo’s the words of Christ, to work, while a driving tune entitled Repatriate, a call for the children to return to Africa.

Some of his highlights in music were a Northeastern tour with Mikal Rose from Black Uhuru, with the Band One Drop, he was also a part of the backing band for A.J. Brown in Las Vegas and on tour with Beverly Vaughn in Holland representing America in the Gospel Concert.

Kwanu Umanu will bring a rich and new sound to Reggae music with an inspirational twist. His sound is smooth, and he is amazing on bass guitar. His tunes will inspire the world.