Devon Stallion

Who is Devon: He is an artist, actor, producer and extraordinaire with the ability to not only write, arrange and perform his musical compositions, but also mixes, masters and produces his own material.

What instruments can he play: Devon plays the piano, guitar, bass, drums, brass and percussion, let us just say all of them! He even cuts it up on the turntables! Devon sings like a bird and is even a serious rapper.

What styles does he play: Devon plays a wide range of genres such as R & B, Pop, Hip­Hop, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, and Gospel and believe it or not, even Country! He writes for himself and other artists as well. He has written songs for the likes of Mario, Raz-B, Brandy and the G-Unit.

Influences: Prince, Usher, Joe, Donnell Jones, R-Kelly, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and P-Diddy.

Where has he Performed: Devon performed on B.E.T. “The Way We Do it “with Ricky Smiley. He performed at the Urban Summit Music Conference in Palm Springs, CA in 2006.He performed on the Moore Entertainment Tour in Cancun, Mexico with legends Naughty by Nature, Silk and Luke.

Devon ‘s Future Plans: To exceed to a level of greatness in the music industry and become a well-established artist and producer. To later help establish future talent and develop them for the Strawesome Record label. Devon also aspires to show the world the acting skills he possesses.

Television Appearances: “The Way We Do It” “Rhythms” “Star Trek Voyager” Co-Star at BET , Co -Host at KPBS, Kingston Warrior , Budweiser, ABC, McDonalds , and The “Theatrical show Live Fast Die Young “, “The Last Drop” , “Vincent the Player “ and “Jack Diamond”.

Special Skills: Singing, Dancing, Modeling, Impersonations, Dialectician, Comedy, Tae kwon do, All Sports, Fast Car Driving, Swimming, Street bike Riding, Get Ready for Devon Stallion!!!!