Michelle Strawberry, CEO

Michelle R Strawberry, sibling of baseball legend Darryl Strawberry, Michelle received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an associate degree in Business Management.   In the late 80’s she began working in the sports marketing and entertainment Industry as Vice President of Business Operations for Darryl Strawberry Pro Sports, Inc., representing athletes in joint-venture projects, book deals, television and so much more. In the early 90’s Michelle went on to sign with The William Morris Agency and work on many projects throughout the entertainment industry.

Michelle Strawberry later began her career in the music recording industry teaming up with Jimmy Young, Kangol Kid, UTFO, Whistle and Richie Rich to produce a national marketing and media song entitled “Chocolate Strawberry” by Darryl Strawberry, featuring recording artists  UTFO and Whistle.  Thereafter, the label Strawesome Records was established and was distributed by Macola Records.

Strawesome Records went on to release two more underground artists. The Def Boy’s single entitled

“Caution” and Mas-1 single entitled Ballin both records were distributed by Ground Level and gained national media attention and sales.

Early 2000, Michelle  returned  to the studio to record new productions and worked  with many great artists, producers and engineers  such as Donald Tavie’ (Lakeside) Trevor Lawrence Blue Palm Recording Studio, Bob Tucker, Norman Connors, Jay Shanklin (Banging on Wax), Thomas Organ (Michael Jacksons lead guitarist), Derrek Organ (Drummer), Paul Jackson Jr., Gerald Albright, Edell Shepherd and many more great musicians.

Michelle Strawberry also established and promoted a nightclub “The Cave” in Beverly Hills, California.

It is now 2020, Michelle Strawberry has returned to the music scene with an all-star team and is ready for the re-launch of Strawesome Records.  Our team is extremely excited, extremely proud and ready to bring a new flavor of music back to the music recording industry.