Kate Ro

Born in St-Eustache north of Montreal. My parents being lovers of music, my father a guitarist and my mother an avid fan of music. I come from the same family history of music.

I grew up listening to R &B, Jazz and French music. I also sing and write English and French.

Following this love for singing, I took opera lessons to perfect my voice and improve my vocal techniques.

I have been able to travel and sing live with several artists, and musicians in other countries.

I have a great interest in musical improvisation.

Being also a painter, my love for singing is accomplished in the same way as creating an abstract painting. The moment of creation is for me an important mission in this life.

Being able to write musical lyrics and flirt with philosophy, is revealing to me. I’m truly desired and inspired to become a well-established and successful R&/B, Pop, Opera and Jazz artist all in one…

My favorite quote: ‘’Do not fear mistakes. There are none. “Miles Davis”.